Animals Do Not Commit Delusional Acts

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

Compared to an egg, seashell, or shark, humans are, in general and already, crazy. Only the human looks away when attacked, though its propensity to do so exponentially increases the probability for loss of life. The human turns inward, protects the eyes by turning to the cave and its shadows. Only the human believes in the body of shadow, in the premise of its actions based on the actions of other humans and their shadows. The human can cut its own throat. It can seek without hunger. The animal realm is that of being-to-being. Never over or under done. Only the human says, sorry crab, sorry goose, to a thing that’s killed. Only humans smile for pictures and grow concerned over their proximity to lightning, concerned that the moon over the kill is too contrived. Humans miss their mothers. Replace their teeth. Invent human death in all ways ungracious. Only humans practice to film it. Animals do not commit such delusional acts. Thus the human puts its baby human in a baby carriage and pushes it away.