Upcoming Guest Blogger: R. A. Villanueva

Gulf Coast Online

Aug 26, 2015

September is upon us, and with it, so is another Gulf Coast Blogger in residence. We're pleased to bring you discussions on craft, interviews and other media from R. A. Villanueva, author of Reliquaria (winner of the Prairie Schooner Book Prize). He is also the winner of the inaugural Ninth Letter Literary Award for poetry.

New writing by R. A. appears in The American Poetry Review, The Wolf (U.K.), Prac Crit (U.K.), The Margins, Crazyhorse, and elsewhere. A founding editor of Tongue: A Journal of Writing & Art, he lives in Brooklyn and London.

Interested? Thought so. Get as excited as we are by checking out some of R. A.'s recent publications, like Mass,” found in The American Poetry Review, and “Saudade” (and a sonnet-essay) from Prac Crit.

Here's a video of R. A. reading Jack Gilbert and a poem from Reliquaria,  “Mine will be a beautiful service,” for The Academy of American Poets’ P.O.P. video series:


And here's some audio of a reading with Anne Carson and Robert Currie, and Ishion Hutchinson at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop. If you're at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, be sure to say hi to him. General info is available here. Find a detailed listing of all the events taking place here.

Experience more Villanueva and learn more about his work at http://caesura.nu.

Many thanks to R. A. for taking up residence to the Gulf Coast Blog, and to you, our readers!